Anissa started her pole journey in a curvaceous Pole class. After learning her first move she fell in love with pole fitness. Pole fitness brings her so much happiness and self-confidence. It is empowering to accomplish such skills and build muscles at the same time.
Now she has the pleasure of sharing her love and enthusiasm with others. Anissa has a passion for empowering people. She loves watching\helping people fall in love with pole fitness. She enjoys encouraging them till they accomplish a move or reach a goal.
Anissa has a wide rage of talents and skills. She currently teaches Intro to Pole, Curvaceous Pole, Pound, & Stretch and Flex, does parties, and fills in when others need a hand.
When Anissa is not in the studio, she is a wife and mom of 6 children and grandmother of 2. She enjoys attending 5ks with friends and enjoys working out in many fashions. She enjoys any form of dance.  


Jill of all Trades