Crystal started her pole journey in 2012 when her banker told her about her bruises and how much fun she had getting them.  After being invited several times, Crystal visited as a spectator.  Within minutes knew she wanted to join the class.  She spent over a year with Joni and Shawn as her instructors.  Crystal had to leave the pole for almost a year, but when she returned, she appreciated it even more!  Feeling inspired by her new instructors, she wanted to share her love for Pole Fitness with other students.

​Crystal’s daytime life consists of being a mother of two young ladies and a Pomeranian.  She met her husband when she was 14 and has been married to him almost 25 years.  Crystal is a Service Manager for an automotive corporation and owner of The Crystal Clear Photography.  She spends her spare time tending to her flowers in the garden.


Curvaceous -Pole Fitness Instructor