What We Offer

These are current students, instructors, or previous adult parties. We don't post pics of our kiddos ;) But when they roll in, we roll out the mats! Safety First! 

Privacy- Only your group will have access to the Silks during your session

Dedication- Your group will be assigned 1-2 instructors to guide the party from start to finish

Efficiency- Our instructors have children of their own and are great at time management 

Fun- Our goal is to leave your littles with a party they won't forget! 

In the first 60 minutes your group will start with fun stretches, minimal tumbling (cartwheels, rolls), partner stretches, and more. After our bodies are all warmed up we will move into the aerial portion. We will show your littles different ways to hang on the silks, wrap their wrists and feet, and more! We have put together a sequence of both safe and fun activities that will challenge and excite kids of all ages!

Adults are welcome to come watch but viewing space is limited! Videos and pictures are encouraged so you don't have to miss a second! 

For the last 30 minutes of your session let's party! Bring a cake or cupcakes, bring gifts, bring anything you need to complete the party experience! We do ask that you don't waste time decorating as it cuts into the fun! Your instructor can set the kids up in fun pictures or just step to the side as they play! The last 30 is up to you! 

An additional 30 minutes is available for $25 more to make your session a full 2 hours! (total $150)