Nathan began his fitness journey 2 years ago. After being in amazing shape when he was in the Marine Corps, he spent the next 20 years sitting on the couch eating donuts. He became a fan of obstacle course racing, and after one race when a friend sent him some pictures, he couldn’t believe how out of shape he had become! So, Nathan responded by cleaning up his diet and starting the home version of the popular Beachbody program Insanity from popular exercise guru, Shaun T. Nathan instantly fell in love with Insanity and the results he achieved. He lost 25 pounds in just 2 months! He vowed right then to become a certified Insanity LIVE instructor. He achieved his dream in June, 2016, immediately started teaching classes at several locations around Indianapolis, and has not looked back. One of his personal highlights was running a 5 mile obstacle course race last summer on the same course used for the World Championships and coming in 22 in his age group. Not bad for the guy who was so out of shape he could barely complete a 5k obstacle race the year before. And this year, he will complete the Spartan Trifecta running the Spartan Sprint (4-5 miles), Spartan Super (8-10 miles), and Spartan Beast (12+ miles). Shortly after this, Nathan further extended his fitness quest to include personal training. In February of this year, he became a Certified Personal Trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. So, he can also design personal training plans just for you! Nathan would like to emphasize that Insanity is for everyone! Do not let the commercials on TV intimidate you. There are modifiers for every move so everyone will be challenged from beginner to advanced. Even Shaun T himself had a first day exercising. So, come on out and give Insanity LIVE a try! When Nathan isn’t exercising, he likes to listen to music, play his guitar, sing, spend time with his beautiful daughters, participate in obstacle course races, and watch Game of Thrones. Oh, and he works as an engineering associate for a major engine manufacturer.


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