Shirley prides herself on being happily married to her husband, Chris. She is a very proud mother of 3, 2 boys and 1 girl. She also holds her family very close to her heart and considers her close circle of friends to also be just as important as the rest of her family members. When you are friends with Shirley, you are family, and she welcomes anyone into Indy Pole Dance and Fitness that wants to become a part of our pole family.

​Indy Pole Dance & Fitness Owner

Shirley is the Owner of Indy Pole Dance and Fitness. She has been involved in the pole fitness sport off and on for the past 6 years.

When Shirley discovered that our Founder, Joni, was learning pole fitness in someone’s garage, it intrigued her to learn more. Soon after she began her pole fitness journey, Shirley was in an accident and was temporarily unable to continue her pole fitness journey and has been limited since that time. However, Shirley strongly feels that if a gymnast can do a cartwheel and make it to the Olympics, why can’t someone who can do it on a pole make it there, too?

In late 2013, Shirley purchased the studio from Joni as Joni was retiring to Florida with her husband. Even though her abilities are limited, she still believes that poling is an amazingly beautiful sport and wants to give the availability to each of the students that walk through the door.