Pole Fitness Levels


We currently offer Pole Fitness classes from Levels 1 through 4


*If you have previous pole knowledge you may be exempt, contact the studio! 

Curvaceous Pole

Size does not matter on the pole; it’s all about attitude! This fun filled class will build strength and coordination, while introducing you to new pole tricks and skills. This is a great way to tighten and tone your body while building your self confidence.

Intro to Pole Fitness

New to pole fitness?? This is the class for you. This is for anyone who has never taken a pole class or may be falling behind in their fitness game! No show-offs allowed in this class. Learn among people in your same level, ZERO! Take this class as long as you want before moving into LEVEL 1!

These classes run 60 minutes each.

Level 1

Classes built for those students who have completed at least one Intro to Pole class. You will concentrate on basic, static spins, climbs, and sits. 

These classes run 60 minutes each.

Level 2
​Students will learn more spins, more transitions, more pole holds, as well as a few tricks. By this level you are regularly inverting. 

These classes run 60 minutes each.

Level 3
Students will start this class when they feel confident in most basic inversion holds.  They will learn more spins, transitions, pole holds and more tricks. Lots of spin pole work.

These classes run 60 minutes each. 

Exotic Pole

​This class is open to all levels of polers! Students must take an Intro class before signing up. Connect with your sexy side and learn to move around the pole in ways you won't normally find in our regular leveled classes. Engage those hips and flip that hair as you learn to love that body through low flow pole dancing.